Master plan for new mall and new sustainable residential settlement – ecovillage in Borgaro Torinese (Turin)

Location: Borgaro Torinese (Turin), Italy

Client: private Company                      

Amount of work:  €  55.000.000

Main project features

The construction site of commercial is located within an old industrial area
The typological form is inspired by integration of the building in the landscape
Hybrid and Passive system for heating cooling and ventilation
Environmental friendly and energy efficient design
Use of natural climate sources for energy systems

Positions held

Team leader and design coordinator
Urban concept designer

Activities performed

Urban planning and environmental design
Landscape design
Architectural and layout design
Sustainable and integrated building design
Business plan and quotation

Detailed Tasks

Area settlement studies
Preliminary schematic design
Feasibility studies

2011 – on going
Borgaro Torinese (Turin), Italy


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