The ArTech Studio consists of a group of architects and engineers that work as professionals and also within universities in the fields of design and architecture, technological innovation, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, environment, planning and landscape.

The main activities of ArTech Studio are Design, Project and Construction Management, Research and Consulting, Urban and Regional Planning, Programming, Analysis, Development, Training and Service, in connection to owner ideas, on commission or competition. Furthermore, on behalf of public and private customers, in the fields of architecture and design, technology, environment, cultural heritage and environmental, recovery and restoration of buildings, technology and energy diagnostic, production of publications, within of civil , industrial, commercial and service sectors.

The main features of the ArTech are:               

  • Team work,
  • experience in managing relationships with customers and public works,
  • experience in the authorization process and management of private works,
  • use of multimedia communications and quality procedures as instruments of coordination, design process control, participation and promotion of consent,
  • implementation of environmental sustainability and energy procedures in the integrated building design.
    All staff operate using the most modern technology currently available.


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