Conservative restoration of the Saint Peter and Paul Church in Chianocco (Turin) associated with the construction of a museum exhibition space

Location: Chianocco (Turin), Italy

Client: Lions Rocciamelone Val Susa and City of Chianocco

Amount of work:  €  877.977

Main project features

The historic monument is subjected to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Piedmont.
The bell tower has been restored and consolidated in its walls and elements, with the restoration of the decorative both internal and external, with a substantial preserving what exists.                            

Positions held

Team leader and design coordinator
Supervision and management of works

Activities performed

Architectural design
Architectural details
Quotation of works
Construction administration

Detailed Tasks

Preliminary project
Final project
Executive project
Supervision of works
Authorization of the Superintendence of Piedmont Cultural Heritage
Art direction

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1997 - 2002
Chianocco (Turin), Italy


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