Refurbishment and conversion of secondary school building “Gramsci” into a new primary school and kindergarten eco-building

Location: Grugliasco (Turin), Italy

Client: City of Grugliasco

Main project features

Sport facilities and the auditorium are included into the school complex over primary and kindergarten.
Analysis and design, technologies, procedures and costs/benefits needed to refurbish and convert “Gramsci” school into an eco–building (6,000 square meters).
Kindergarten 130 school kids. Primary school 250 students.
Structural renovation
No architectural barriers
Upgrading energy efficiency and technological
Installation of ventilated facades
Thermal insulation on exterior walls
New energy efficient curtain-walls
Installation of a large photovoltaic slab
Environmental friendly and energy efficient design

Positions held

Team leader and design coordinator
Architectural, sustainable and integrated building design

Activities performed

Architectural and technological design
Architectural and layout design
Sustainable and integrated building design
Business plan and quotation

Detailed Tasks

Preliminary project
Final project
Quotation of works

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2013 – 2016
Grugliasco (Turin), Italy


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